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Edition #11 March 29, 2023

Laguna Hills Little League

Just about everyone that has played baseball has that one memory that starts out, “I remember when I was in Little League…” Most of these stories get embellished over the years, and that’s okay. The cool part is we are watching our children create these moments that live in folklore for generations to come. So here’s to the moments we all creating!!!

Selected Game Recaps

*Send us a picture and a write up to and we’ll try to feature everyone!

AAA Clash Ends With a Great Comeback Angels Victory

Xavier LaSala has been just about unhittable this year and he helped the Dodgers get off to an early 3-0 lead.  Tensions grew as the game stayed that way until the fourth inning when the Angels scored 2, turning the game into a squeaker.  The Angels then scored 4 in the top of the 6th, highlighted by Nico Stavros’ absolute bomb over the centerfielder’s head, and Henry Stevens shut the door on the Dodgers comeback to lead the Angels to the 6-3 win.

AAA Red Sox get their 2nd consecutive win

The AAA Red Sox got their second consecutive win on Saturday, beating the the Lake Forest Rippers 9-4 with another strong showing by their pitching rotation. James Pitt, Anthony Kamae, Leo Gonzales, and Wyatt Cobb combined for 11 strikeouts over 6 innings while giving up only one hit. Kamae got the win on the mound while helping himself with an RBI line drive at the plate. Offensively, Gonzales’ first-inning homer got the Red Sox started with two runs. Jack Tran stayed hot, adding two more hits to his season, while Alex Tsujiuchi, Landon Chen, Darren Chen, Colin Bohm, and Caleb Pagatpatan all added hits. The game ended on a fantastic 4-3-2 double play, with Isaiah Romero getting the put-out to Tran at first, who then whipped it home to Pitt for the tag-out. Tran received the game ball for his consistency in clutch situations.

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Marlins vs. Angels  

May 28, 1:07pm

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The Rookie Pirates and Brewers squared off Saturday in a contest filled with enthusiasm

Molly Burrowes helped lead the Pirates with several big hits at the plate and clutch putouts in the field.  “Big-game Brandon” Lowe Jr., flashed the glove skills that will have future scouts drooling in a few years.  Adelyn Gerhardt struck fear in the heart of the first-inning Pirates coach pitcher with a wicked line drive comebacker to the mound that thankfully connected with the bucket of baseballs that were directly in front his… waist.  Violet Fitzpatrick contributed solid hits and strong hustle at 1B, and Alex Sipkovich got a nice unassisted force out at 3B.   The Brewers also impressed the crowd at Lower Cabot Stadium with their strong bats and great infield play, including getting several savvy force outs at the plate.  The game was capped off with the tipping of the caps from the players on both teams to the friends and family in the crowd.

AA Braves are rolling

During a rare (this season) sunny day at Upper Cabot Field, the Braves won 9-7 against the LF Black Sox. After gaining an early lead, the Braves’ stellar defense was no match for the visitors. As the Black Sox were trying to rally in the second inning, second baseman Henry Kahn made a superb out to stall their momentum. Pitchers Aaron Johnson, Caleb Guzman, and Isaiah Webster were responsible for many of the Braves’ 7 total strikeouts and 5 outs at first, and the entire team made consistent great plays throughout. 

Tball at its best

The T-Ball Dodgers are at it again. They say you can’t teach that type of aggressive play, it just comes naturally 🙂  The T-Ball Brewers remain focused and hit some hard drives on Saturday. 

A Angels looking handsome in the dugout. 

Thank you to our volunteers

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